Why do I get injured?

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A question we often ask ourselves! Sometimes it seems like we’re the unlucky ones. We look around and see other people training more, less, better or worse than we are, but still somehow they get through a season injury free but once again we’ve had a season hampered by injury and never quite managed to get that performance that we feel we’re capable of. So why is it that you get injured? What is it that is making you more suspectible to these troubles? The easiest way to look at this is by looking at your risk factors. The combination of internal and external risk factors influence to what extent we are injured after a inciting event. Ok, very useful to know – but what does that actually mean?! Internal risk factors – These are factors unique to you that affect how susceptible you are to injury, such as age, sex, flexibility etc External risk factors – These are factors that affect all individuals who are doing that activity, such as weather conditions, use of protective equipment

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