What is the Pose Method of Running?

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Simply put Pose Method is a way of teaching running. It is a particular method that has been developed to teach the concept that running is a series of poses.

  Personally I really like this concept, we see it used in many different sports; weightlifting, karate, gymnastics, dance etc. The idea that if you learn the component parts of a movement, or in this case the poses, and learn them well, then by the time you integrate them into one movement you should move fluidly and efficiently when you run. The guys at Pose Method have put together some really clear and useful videos on this:

Anatomy of a Stride

So that introduces you to the concept of poses for the purpose of teaching running. This next video shows you the anatomy of a stride. Now, bear with this one – its from the concept of physics and bio mechanics, there are some controversial statements made, so focus on the overall principles rather than specifics!!!!

So why use Pose Method for improving your running?

Pose Method is not ‘the’ way to run, it is just a tool for teaching or understanding how running works. Rather than the more traditional model of building up the mileage/volume, then adding speed/interval work and finally working on technique drills (which most of us don’t have a clue to do!) Pose encourages you to work on the technique first and in a way that works with the physics of running. I’m a train smarter not harder kind of person, I’ve never been attracted to just slowly increasing mileage and I see the issues that has on patients in clinic. Without fail there is certain cumulative threshold that a patient’s technique will allow them to reach, beyond that they keep accumulating injuries, get frustrated with their progress and inevitably I see them back in clinic. Without addressing the underlying issues in their running posture, or poses, these problems will keep occurring for patients. And I always say to these patients its not just about injury prevention but also performance. If you could put in the same effort and run further or faster who would say no to that?! So regardless of whether you are currently injured, returning from injury or looking to improve your performance then following the Pose Method has something to offer you!

What next?

Read the next article in our series about the various Running poses. But in the meantime if you need any help with injuries or rehab you can contact us here. Also listen to this awesome podcast with the guy who developed the Pose Method and get some more information on how and why it works! Bye for now.    

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