We’ve found the best ice pack to use for treating injuries

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Gel ice packs are great for treating injuries, they’re soft and mouldable around any body part and won’t go out of date like a bag of peas! It’s really important when managing inflammation or treating injuries to apply ice to the area to reduce damage.

But its a complete pain to keep a gel pack resting on an ankle, shoulder or elbow!

And you just have to sit still! To be fair you should be elevating the injured body part, but if it’s a chronic injury, or you’re using it just to improve recovery after training then its much more convenient to still be able to get on with other tasks whilst you’re icing. Don’t know about you, but I don’t need any more excuses to avoid doing self-treatment.

There is the option of popping yourself into an ice bath (see how to make an ice bath at home), but that might be a little overkill for some injuries!

What ice pack should I buy?

So after managing a recent forearm injury (intersection syndrome) I got fed up and looked for a solution. And turns out there was one after all! And its super cheap!

You can buy yourself an ice pack with a sleeve for literally a couple of quid off Amazon. Check out these examples of ice packs you can use to treat your injury.

So no excuses! Get icing those joints! 

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