Want to change your posture quick? Here’s what you need to be working on…

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What exactly is good posture??

Think of posture like a pose. When we talk about your posture we're taking a snapshot of you - typically standing or sitting.

  • Good posture is a pose that requires the minimal amount of energy to maintain.
  • Poor posture requires effort or stress to maintain.

What factors affect your posture?

There are two categories of factors which affect your posture

Physical factors - shape & length of your bones, muscle length & strength, body weight & distribution and medical conditions like osteoarthritis

Psycho-social factors - daily activities, lifestyle, training, psychology & culture

So can you change your posture in just a few minutes?

Some of the factors above aren't going to be changed anytime soon! So which ones should you be focussing on.


Psychology - when people describe to me their 'bad posture' they tend to focus on their upper body. Rounded shoulders, head droop, hunched back. ALL of these are present when we feel tired, depressed, overwhelmed or sad. So, take a deep breath, sit up tall and focus on something that you are grateful for in your life.

In a few minutes

Stretching/Mobilising - Changing the length of your muscles or extending the range of motion of your joints is going to have a quick effect on your posture. If you're looking for good posture then reducing the amount of resistance required to maintain it is going to help.

Sports Massage - The other option, instead of doing the work yourself, get someone else to do the work for you! A thorough sports massage will result in an immediate change in muscle length, by warming and stretching the tissues, reducing resistance in the muscle making it easier to maintain a good posture.

Daily activities - Just stop and take a quick look at the space around you right now. Where are objects positioned around you? Typically we'll do repetitive tasks, have asymmetries like having our coffee cup always placed by our dominant hand. Take a few minutes to rearrange your workspace, switch the mouse to the other side, adjust your chair height, move objects to the other side of the room to encourage you to get up and walk.

What next?

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