Trouble fitting in mobility work?

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Of course I advocate prioritising mobility/flexibility work. Most of us probably aren’t genuinely too busy to fit it in but choose not to prioritise it. But….we live in the real world where most of us have enough distractions that just getting down to a class is hard enough so I’ll let you off  😉

So how do can you fit in that 15/20mins of mobility work daily?

One quick tip – sitting. Well more precisely sitting on the floor in a modified lotus position.

  • Get yourself on the floor, sitting tall on your sitting bones with a straight back. Instead of bringing one foot close towards you like you would when sitting crossed legged – allow the shin to stay completely horizontal. Lay the other shin on top of it so your ankle rests directly on your knee.

And voila – you’re in a great position for working on your hip external rotation whilst watching tv, what more could you want. Perfect case you are aiming for the top knee to sit relaxed on the leg below. Check out the pictures below – I’m just ever so slightly tight in that right hip in this position:


Lotus 1

Lotus 2

Coaching tip: If you find it uncomfortable to get the ankle on top of the other leg or your back is rounded then place a cushion under your sitting bones to raise you up. This will make it easier to get the external rotation that you need.

Sit well my friends  🙂 





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