The Pose Method: The Poses

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What are the Poses?

In our first article we introduced you to the Pose Method for Running and why you might be interested in using it. Here we go into more detail about what the specific running poses are and how these integrate into the running cycle. The two poses for used for teaching The Pose Method are:

  • Springness Pose
  • Running Pose

1. Springness Pose

Think of this as the ready position. This pose is a start point to the running cycle. You are concentrating on standing tall, keeping your body position stable but not rigid and allowing your bodyweight to shift forward on your feet. But focus on the word ‘cycle’. Just how you might identify a start and end point for how the feet move when you are pushing/pulling on a pedal it is still a continuous fluid cycle. The springness position is a pose from which to either start running or start your running drills. If you are initiating from a poor position the rest of that cycle will be affected. Watch this video to see more about the springness position.   2. Running pose From Springness pose you move into the Running pose. Every runner will pass through this pose during each cycle of running. By drilling yourself and ensuring that you reach the correct Running pose each time you stride you’ll be able to continue to move efficiently and fluidly. As you get fatigued, different muscle groups shorten and others weaken you’ll find it hard mechanically to maintain an efficient running pose. By performing running technique drills and building your strength you should be able to maintain a correct Running pose for longer, allowing you to run further/faster without injury.    

So how do you run using the Pose Method??

So taking the concepts they have introduction you always start from the Springness Position you move into a cycle of Running Pose, Fall, Pull and repeat. Simple! This video shows the concepts of Pose, Fall and Pull. Our next article in this series will point you towards the running drills you can do in order to improve your running technique.  

What next?

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