Headstart combines experience of elite sport, with an understanding of how to work with their clients training goals (and exercise addiction!) with world class academic knowledge – more than my knackered old body deserves frankly. Regularly keeps me in the game.

Allan Fowlie

“Vicki saw me when the NHS were unable to provide what I needed to rehabilitate a broken arm. After one session with her I had back the use of my hand, this progressed to helping me achieve the most basic needs – holding a fork and being able to raise my arm high enough to tie up my own hair. As I have gone from strength to strength Vicki has worked with me to support my needs and now 9 months post injury I’m able to take part in Olympic Lifting again.”

Pip Price - Accountant

“I’ve seen a lot of physiotherapists in my life but this one is clearly one of the best I’ve ever been to. Unlike many therapists who just apply some sort of standard treatment program to every patient and expect it to work, Vicki is great in tweaking her approach to the individual patient’s needs. If a therapy doesn’t work in the first place, she keeps trying slightly different approaches until something works. She works with the patient in a constant dialogue and is great listening. A gem of a clinic – glad I found her!”

Ulrike Bauer - Scientist

Outstanding in holistic rehabilitation and physical maintenance

Phill Hall - Regional Sales Manager

Vicki is a lovely friendly person who is working wonders on my bad back, if only I had found her a couple of years ago! I would highly recommend her.

Angie Coe

I went to Vicki after being unsure of advice from a previous physio. She was very thorough and took a pragmatic approach to my situation. I’ve no idea how my injury was going to pan out had I simpy left things but I am pretty certain the treatment I have had has helped a great deal and got be back playing properly a lot quicker. The work Vicki did provided the strength I needed to get me back playing despite there still being a niggle. I am very grateful to Vicki for this and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a physio/sports massage therapist. She is also very friendly and good value for money.

James Heslam

I’m not an elite athlete, but I do sing and when my jaw started to feel as if it was dislocating each time I opened my mouth, I realised something had to be done about it. Vicki has been unknotting the mess that my jaw is, but has also been working on the root causes which are the knackered neck, stiff shoulders and stuffed-up back. She’s knowledgeable, fun, intuitive and goal-oriented, and is undoing decades of twisted-up joints and muscles. I feel great!

Anna Cullen - Singer

I went to Vicki for a variety of issues. Most notable was a long term problem I had with my elbow joint. After some trouble shooting, and a couple sessions, Vicki was able to resolve the issue permanently! I haven’t needed to get it checked out since (going on over a year now) and it’s made a remarkable difference with my training, flexibility and particularly the recovery process. She’s worked hard to find the root of the variety of issues/frustrations I’ve brought to her attention, and it’s made me more capable to reach the goals I seek.

Barclay Keay - US Army Infantry