Please see below for any current vacancies at the clinic. We are always open to applications from any relevant health care professional, so if there is no specific vacancy please send your CV via our contact form :

Want to know what we are looking for in your CV?

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Practitioner/Therapist Vacancy

We are recruiting for Self-Employed Sports Massage Therapists to join our main clinic in Cambridge for evening and/or weekend hours.
HeadStart Clinics go the EXTRA MILE for their team, not just the clients!!
If you are a passionate Sports Massage interested in:
- Developing your skills to be the best therapist you can be
- Want the support of working in team
- In this for the "long run" - wanting a full time career as a Massage Therapist
- Understand there is more to clients than just treating their symptoms
We have an awesome team of 7 therapists who are 100% committed to making sure you LOVE your job, feel supported growing your business and who celebrate your wins as well as your clients!
We run 1hr CPD sessions every week with new topics, techniques and tests added every 3mths.
You can access a monthly mentoring session with our Team Manager to help you develop and grow your business rapidly.
Our employees have a 12mth training programme for all of the soft (non-clinical) skills required to transition to a Senior Therapist. As a self-employed therapist you will be able to access this additional Level 2 training at an affiliate cost allowing you to fast track your development.


 We are EXTREMELY lucky to have an amazing client base and rolling membership programme that allows you to build up guaranteed clients every single month.
Our clients are NORMAL! Normal people, with normal jobs, normal sports, normal lives. But are extraordinary people. They are all self-paying meaning each and every one has decided they are motivated to make change and understand the underlying causes of their problems.


Definite opportunity to increase hours and/or become an employed team member with full employment benefits (pension, holiday, paid breaks, paid admin time etc)
We have a great admin & managing team with the one goal of allowing you to focus on being the best therapist you can be, making your life as easy as possible! So you can do the same for your clients.


Good question!
No catch - but no rose tinted glasses either. We can provide you with the leads, mentoring, reception and booking support but the rest is up to you.
If you are a motivated, passionate therapist wanting to work in a team and KNOW that you don't want to run your business on your own. That you want support, guidance and motivation. Mentors to help you make the most of your admin time, help with those client emails. Then this is the place for you.
If you're looking for somewhere to provide a steady stream of clients, a job to go to work, rub some bodies, then go home. No, this isn't for you.

How to apply

Please complete this application form and submit a CV & covering letter (save as one document). We will contact you once we have processed your application. 

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