Heal – Mobilise – Strengthen

This is our philosophy, keep it simple, work through these steps for full & complete recovery. Try to skip a step or rush and you’ll end up frustrated. You can’t cheat the system and that’s where we’re here to help. Sometimes it can be frustrating working your way through healing, or you don’t have the knowledge to mobilise that shoulder. We’ll guide you through, teach you the principles and equip you with the tools to manage your body and your recovery.


Why choose us


Whether you’re training for that first 5K or looking to break sub-3hr marathon getting injured is the last thing you want. Weekend or elite athlete your body deserves respect, you train hard so you don’t need niggles, aches & pains getting in your way. Back pain, old injury, poor recovery from surgery or post-natal complications – chronic pain is complex. And we get this, we’ve been there ourselves and helped thousands of patients through their recovery.

Why we’re different


At HeadStart Clinics you receive a full and thorough assessment, we take a complete medical history including any previous treatment you’ve received. When our therapist has completed their examination they will discuss your treatment plan.

…here’s the important bit

Every treatment plan for patients coming through our Clinic is unique to you. One size does not fit all. You may require a series of Strength & Conditioning sessions before any therapy begins. Or the level of pain dictates that techniques like MET and trigger point therapy are the first part of treatment, either way its your goals that drive our treatment.

We want to know ‘why’ you’re in pain, its not about just treating the symptoms, we want to cure the problem. That way you can get the treatment you deserve.

One size does not fit all

Don’t just take our word for it!


Of course we love our jobs, and are pretty darn happy with our results. But don’t just take our word for it!! Check our what our patients have to say about us and visit our testimonials page.

Our Staff

Vicki Marsh

Clinical Director - Senior Soft Tissue Therapist

Since qualifying in 2006 Vicki has run a busy sports massage practice only recently taking time out to have her son. During this time she has worked at the highest … Read More

Imogen Howard

Clinic Manager - Senior Soft Tissue Therapist

Imogen graduated with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science in 2014 and during this time she had the opportunity to train as a Sports Massage therapist. Pursuing her passion … Read More

Francesco Nicosia

Francesco has always had a passion for anatomy and physiology of human body. Since he was about sixteen he started to love manual therapy because of the holistic approach towards … Read More

Chris Armitage

Soft Tissue Therapist

Chris has always had an interest in how the body works and how to correct posture and movement and this lead to him completing a sports and exercise science degree … Read More

Jo Ashby

Clinic Administrator

Jo started working with HeadStart Clinics as the business was growing, and always changing to meet clients needs, and for this some business support was needed! With over 20 years’ … Read More

Danielle Guy

Let’s Run Girls Cambridge is a women’s-only friendly and social running group. Originally started in Chesterton, we now have regular sessions in Trumpington as well. The group organises frequent ten-week … Read More