Kieran Moore

Kieran undertook and passed his level 3 personal training qualification in July of 2017 and has since gone on to work within a commercial gym environment. Through this he has gained experience in instructing a variety of different group fitness classes as well as training individuals through specific plans tailored to their goals. He is also now a CrossFit level 1 trainer after passing the level 1 course in August of 2017 and has been furthering his experience as a CrossFit coach more recently. CrossFit is a passion for him as he been doing it himself since late in 2016 which has allowed him to progress his own abilities and fitness as well as improve his coaching through this. Going forward he plans to expand his knowledge further using what he has learnt as well as future experiences both within CrossFit and also as a strength and conditioning coach. Working with athletes in order to prepare them physically in order to perform better within their chosen sports is something he is keen to do and work on. Drawing on his educational and own sporting experiences so far, he can help to maintain and improve athlete’s fitness in their off-seasons or helping them to get stronger, fitter and stay injury free during their competitive seasons. By incorporating proven strength and conditioning protocols into training, he can help athletes to optimise their training outside of their sport in order to maximise the positive impact that it can have on their performance in competition or within their chosen sport.