Dimitris Lazaris

Sports Massage Therapist

Dimitris has completed his firsts years modules in a three years Sports Therapy course at the University of Bedfordshire and is now going through the second year, expected to graduate in 2020.

He has been working for many years in the healthcare sector, and in fields such as critical care, cardiothoracic, internal medicine department, A&E etc., taking additional studies in different fields such as nursing and medical administration. The field of manual therapy opened new professional horizons for him.

He can help others overcome their health problems in a holistic approach.

Outside of his academic and professional life, Dimitris has shown a great interest in sports, since he was a child, taking part in football, basketball, and volleyball clubs, as well as table tennis that he still does in his spare time. Having a lot of experience in various sports, Dimitris has experienced a variety of injuries from which he has recovered. He is now providing massage sessions to ensure other people recover from their injuries a lot quicker.

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