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Chiara Gorno

Chiara graduated in physiotherapy in Italy in 2013, where she then decided to expand her knowledge in massage therapy. Last April she got a diploma in Body Massage Therapy at Open College and in October she obtained a diploma in Manual Lymphatic Drainage at London School of massage. She has been offering daytime, evening & weekend Sports Massage in Cambridge at our Main Clinic based on Castle Hill since 2017.

Chiara’s passion in physical therapy developed gradually. Ever since she was a child she has always been interested by the complexity of human body. At 5 years old she started to attend swimming classes and a few years later she was swimming at competitive levels. Chiara believes that this experience opened her mind and taught her to listen to her body. She was impressed about how much difference this shift of focus could make for example when warming up her muscles with specific exercises before every training or competition, how the elasticity of her muscles could improve just by spending a few minutes doing stretching exercises, or how her strength was higher compared to that of her peers who were not doing any physical activity… And at the same time, how easy it was to lose in performance after short breaks without training.


At the age of 15 Chiara had to stop swimming because of a patellofemoral pain syndrome. Considering that her speciality was breaststroke, every training session became like a torture. The pain has never completely gone away, even after she had surgery in both of her knees. In this period of her life Chiara realized how important it can be to get the help of a qualified therapist to recover. Chiara was finally able to swim again, to dance, to go for a run, to go for a long walk, to ski, to do snowboarding…  She has a strong belief that this life experience made her more sensitive to the problems of her patients.

Working as a sports massage therapist in Cambridge gives Chiara the opportunity to put together her passions for physical therapy and sport, allows her to work in close contact with people and help them in the best way she can.

Chiara loves to meet new people, and listen to what they have to say and learn something new every day. When Chiara is not at the clinic she loves to travel, mountain climb or snorkel in the waters of an island… The contact with nature makes her feel alive. And she loves music, every kind of music depending on her mood… she can dance for hours non- stop.