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Anastasia Drake

I first became involved in massage therapy in 2014, inspired by a story about a manual therapist who – quite literally! – set my mother-in-law straight when she found herself wheelchair-bound after giving birth to my future husband.

I received a qualification in therapeutic massage at the fantastic Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training. The course posed important questions about the origin and perception of pain and got me addicted to anatomy books. I am currently studying towards a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy with Cambridge School of Sports Massage.

On my journey as a therapist I have encountered a range of clients from professional dancers and gymnasts to less active people with debilitating chronic pain. In our sessions I hope to enrich your understanding of your own body and guide you towards taking control of your recovery.

I love hip-hop, sailing and all things Japanese (including massage!).

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