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What do we offer our Interns?

Our Internship programme offers students a unique opportunity to get experience of working in a clinic setting and access to expert mentoring for both clinical and business skills. We exclusively are a Sports Massage Clinic based in Cambridge. All of our therapists are Sports Massage Therapists.

The internship consists of two parts:

  • Clinical experience & support
  • Business mentoring, CPD & networking

Once accepted, our Internship programme will support you through to the end of your qualification, into your career as a fully qualified therapist. After which some interns still continue work with us at the clinic, whilst others begin their own busy, thriving practices in their hometowns.

At HeadStart we want to be the best in the industry; unparalleled at both the patient experience AND the business development.

This is what we share with you in our Internship programme.

Observation days

As part of the HeadStart Clinics Internship programme you will get the chance to observe, and work with experienced qualified massage therapists during their clinics. We train our supervising therapists to work with you during these days, performing case scenarios, discussing why they have chosen specific techniques and allowing you to see the development of a full treatment plan for their patients. We organise for you to observe at least 2 therapists as the differences in how qualified therapists work in their practice is huge! Past students have found this experience very helpful for cementing that there is no ‘one’ way of approaching a clinical scenario. You will also get to see the practical workings of the different clinics – timings, greet of patients, payments, rebookings etc.

Sports Massage for the upper back at HeadStart Sports Massage Clinic in Cambridge
Sports Massage for shoulders & upper back at HeadStart Sports Massage Clinic in Cambridge

Teaching Clinics

The programme will offer a monthly opportunity to come and work at our Cambridge clinic under the supervision of our therapists.By offering Sports Massage in Cambridge we run regular teaching clinics where you will attend and be able to add to your clinic hours. There is the option to continue with these after the minimum requirement of attending 3 clinics. We will arrange a varied patient list for the day and have an experienced massage therapist on site available to discuss the case, work on your technique and improve your assessment skills etc. The appointment structure is as follows:

  • Meet & Greet Patient
  • Complete Patient Information Form
  • Perform postural assessment & testing
  • Leave the room to discuss the case with the supervising therapist – this allows opportunity to highlight any further questionining or assessments that need to be performed and you will discuss your treatment plan.
  • Perform any further additional assessments or questioning
  • Deliver Sports Massage
  • During the appointment the supervising therapist may enter the room, demonstrate any techniques or assessments – allow you opportunity to ask further questions etc.

There will also be the opportunity to spend time with our therapists for CPD either on manual techniques, patient care or business planning.


Sports Massage for shoulders & neck at HeadStart Sports Massage Clinic in Cambridge

Business Development & Mentoring

Interns will be required to complete regular business planning tasks & activities as well as stay up to date with their coursework for their massage qualification. These tasks are all directly related towards you developing an understanding of where you are planning to work, how to market your business correctly, what back office administration you will need to be doing once you are fully qualified and working.

Each Intern will be allocated a personal mentor – this will be your contact throughout the internship for any questions or difficulties you have clinically, with your course or your future career as a Sports Massage therapist. All of our mentors are highly experienced and working full time in clinic.

We will also be expanding this section of the internship this year to include discussing online booking software, payment options and online advertising.

This position should only be applied for if the applicant is looking to start a career as a massage therapist and is interested in developing their skills and knowledge both as a therapist and how to grow and manage their client base.

Times/dates for clinic times will be arranged individually with applicants.
For more information about the clinic please visit www.headstartclinics.co.uk or www.facebook.com/headstarthealth
Any questions should be sent to our Team Manager at [email protected]
The internship will reopen soon for Spring 2019.



Hear from our previous interns:

“I have been completing my Level 5 qualification in Sports Massage; Headstart provided me an opportunity to take part in their teaching clinics which provided me more than just practice hours!! Throughout the teaching clinics Headstart enabled me to treat a wide range of people who presented varying different issues and problems and so provided the experience of what treating in the ‘real world’ clinic would be like.

the teaching clinics enabled me to treat a wide range of people who presented varying different issues and problems and so provided the experience of what treating in the ‘real world’ clinic would be like.

Alongside the appointments Vicki provided a huge support to help tackle problems and injures I’d never come across but also to help cement my own knowledge by questioning and helping me reason and prioritise treatments to best suit the individual. Vicki was really supportive in ensuring I mastered the techniques for my course, even if they were slightly different to how she normally treats! What I also found super helpful was the way in which Vicki also demonstrated alternative techniques, tests and assessments to really help hone in on the patients main concerns. By attending the clinic regularly Headstart helped to build upon other skills required for use in clinic situations such as the importance of customer care, building rapport and educating the client. Each session we were encouraged to work towards personal goals such as sticking to timings in the early days and forward planning to layout treatment plans over a course of sessions which is important for rebooking’s! The team are all very supportive and VERY knowledgeable so have supported my studies and even helped me work through some of the questions for coursework during our breaks! I have loved every second of working alongside Headstart and friends on my course are envious of the support and guidance they have provided me, so I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend Headstart to anyone who is new to the field or needing to build experience!!.”

– Imogen Howard

“The internship at HeadStart was great for giving me experience of different treatment styles and techniques, hands on experience with clients and the opportunity to ask questions about real-life examples. Vicki has a wealth of experience and this programme is a great way to tap into that. I would recommend an internship with HeadStart for anyone serious about Sports Massage or Sports Therapy as a career. “

– Fay

“The internship with Headstart was fantastic, for me it bridged the gap between my course and a live clinic environment. The team are very professional and went out of their way to coach and test not only my hands on experience, but my knowledge in all areas of business. I can’t thank them enough’”

– Martin

In partnership with North London School of Sports Massage

NLSSM have been very kind in supporting us with the development of our Internship Programme. The team at NLSSM are exceptional with the programme they offer and the culture they promote with their students. We can highly recommend NLSSM for anyone wanting to qualify or upgrade their Sports Massage qualification.

More information

NLSSM is the training ground for professionals wanting to increase and strengthen their soft tissue skills.  We offer a BTEC/Edexcel Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy as well as Continuing Professional Development short courses.  

We’re proud of the reputation that NLSSM holds within the industry and that our graduates are highly sought after within both the sport and health industries.  We would welcome the opportunity to advance your soft tissue skills, if you would like further information please visit www.nlssm.com.