Shoulder mobility drills for improving rotation

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So you've tested your mobility using the Apley's Scratch Test and you're shocked at the results?!

Ok well perhaps not shocked but are looking to improve your shoulder mobility and reduce injury risk then 😉 Mobilising your shoulders isn't as hard as you think. We've put together a short video with three shoulder mobility drills for improving internal and external rotation. 

What to do

Perform the three exercises in the video daily for 2 weeks and then retest. Voila - see the wonders of mobility drills for improving your mobility! 

  • Anterior Shoulder Opener - 90secs per side
  • Internal Shoulder Rotation - 60secs per side
  • Lacrosse Ball Posterior Smash - 90secs per side


How to measure your improvement in shoulder mobility

You can retest the Apley's test before and after these drills daily - but make sure you take a before photo at the beginning of the 2 weeks and one at the end to compare, and we can add you to our photo gallery of bendy patients!!

Perform these drills daily for 2 weeks and then retest. If you're still having trouble with your shoulder mobility or you're in pain then drop us a line via the contact form. We're a Sports Massage Clinic based in Cambridge, UK and can help with assessment and treatment of shoulder pain. Take it easy guys and keep stretching!!

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