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Reduce aches and pains caused by physical activity with deep tissue massage treatment. Sports massage focuses on areas of your body overused or stressed from aggressive movements. Often associated with professional athletes, sports massage benefits many other people too. So, whether you’re preparing for a sports event, injured from exercise or sore from the stresses of everyday life, sports massage releases and loosens your muscles. Basically sports massage helps you and your body feel looser, less stressed and ready for action – whether that’s on the track, in the gym or at the office.

At our clinic In Milton (North Cambridge) we have appointment times to suit you, including weekends.

Sports Massage Therapy

Our qualified sports massage therapists have treated everyone from gardeners to Olympic medallists. Our experience in complex and varied conditions means we first focus on getting to know our patients to determine the root of the problem. We then use hands on treatment to relieve pain and stiffness to help you move better, whilst helping you fully understand and prevent further injury or pain. We are a top rated Sports Massage Cambridge clinic! Check out our testimonials here.

Sports massage in Cambridge
Sports Massage in Cambridge

Sports Massage Rehabilitation

Sports Massage Therapy in Cambridge


Once your initial treatment is complete, we concentrate on getting you back to your pre-injury fitness – and beyond – with rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation programme centres on education – not just diagnosing your condition and treating it, but also explaining its causes to help you prevent future problems. If you can’t go home and tell their friends and family what is up with you, then we haven’t done our job right.

Rehabilitation is fully tailored to you, your injury and the level of recovery required. You’ll receive our ToolKit covering personalised exercises, stretches and lifestyle changes that will help you manage your symptoms, prevent build-up of scar tissue and regain lost flexibility and strength. This typically includes self-massage, stretches, balance work, cv and strength training and movements specific to your chosen sports and activities. Our ToolKit should provide you with the tools to self-manage your condition, plus our door is always open for future advice or treatment.

Sports Massage During Event Training

Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike use sports massage therapy as part of their normal training routine. If you are preparing to take part in a marathon, cycle, triathlon, sports match or any other physical event, sports massage will benefit you throughout training and before, during and after the event.

Enhance your training
During training, sports massage focuses on aiding the healing of existing injuries and preventing future injuries. Aiding recovery and your boosting performance are the key aims of sports massage during your training.

Improve endurance and prevent injury during an event
In addition to sports massage during training, a pre-event massage before a sporting event stimulates your circulation, which warms the muscles and prepares you for optimal performance whilst reducing the risk of injury. Pre-event massage is best done no earlier than two days prior to the event.

Reduce your recovery time after an event
Sports massage after undertaking a big event relieves soreness (DOMS) and helps remove lactic acid and waste products from your muscles. Sports Massage can help with getting you back to training and fitness as quickly as possible, as well as helping to prevent injury and soreness.






Sports Massage in Cambridge



Remedial massage

Remedial Massage in Cambridge


Remedial massage deals with a range of musculo-skeletal problems to assist the body to heal. Ideally remedial massage should be used to prevent pain and dysfunction and relieve stress, but is also effective in treating muscle and skeletal conditions. If you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain, muscle sprains, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), sciatica, whiplash, tension headaches or migraines, you would benefit from remedial massage. Massage can improve the quality of scar tissue, reduce swelling and release chronically tight muscles. It also rebalances posture and relieves chronic stresses causing discomfort.

Our remedial massage treatments are holistic. This means we personalise treatments your whole body and give you exercise and postural advice to prevent future problems.