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First and foremost – get into bed!!! Most of us don’t actually allow ourselves enough time in bed, or winding down before bed to actually even have half a chance of getting a decent night’s kip. But beyond quantity (6hrs +) what about quality?

Monitoring Sleep Quality

So if you’re concerned more about quality than quantity of sleep, how can we track this? The obvious being a the subjective measure of how refreshed you feel in the morning, whether you get that afternoon slump and need a nap. Well…thats not entirely indicative of sleep quality; it has more to do with hormone levels and circadian rhythms, more specifically cortisol. But to improve those cycles we need to have good quality sleep. We use Sleepbot (http://mysleepbot.com/) to monitor sleep. A free app you download on your phone and it monitors the length of sleep, your movements and has a built in smart alarm; designed to wake you up when you’re in a light phase of sleep so you feel less like you’ve been hit by a bus when the alarm goes in the morning! Now for us, the Smart Alarm doesn’t work – in that regardless of alarm time its still always set for going off in a deep phase of sleep . But it is interesting to look at the data it produces….   Sleepbot active Sleepbot relaxed Can definitely report a difference in fatigue levels upon waking between the two. Also the second night took ZMA supplements before bed….slightly odd dreams (from going into more REM sleep) but felt darn good!

Top tips for a good night’s sleep

Some pretty simple top tips for sleep… Sleep flyer - FlyerBest advice you’ve ever had? Or just want a reminder sheet to stick on the bathroom cabinet? Download the pdf here –> Sleep flyer

Sweet dreams everyone zzZZzzZZzZ

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