Why morning routines make or break your day

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I love slobbing about at home. No direction, no dead lines, no goal!

However in my experience the mind follows the body. If I spend too much time just chilling I find my thinking becomes agitated and my thinking then has an impact on the emotional state; which often I end up walking around with all day! That difference of my morning routine, my mindset starting the day, really influences how productive I am later on.

How to use your morning routine to 'make' your day

So the question is how do you prevent yourself from falling into familiar and habitual ways of thinking and feeling?

The answer is in your body. And like many things related to development, wellbeing or training, routine is the key. How you begin your day has a huge impact on the way your day will unfold. Feeling refreshed, fed, relaxed and connected to your physicality are the bed rock to a balanced resilient person.

If you've noticed that you've fallen into a certain pattern of starting/approaching the day that you don't like, change it. We see it all the time with patients with chronic pain. If the first thing you think in the morning is along the lines of 'not another day in pain', or 'I really can't be bothered to get up and stretch' then it shouldn't come as a surprise if you are feeling that way at the end of the day too.

One of THE most effective things that successful people say they all do is to make the bed as soon as they get up.

It's ridiculous, something that simple?! But yep, the act of completing a task as soon as you wake, tidying up after yourself and giving yourself the respect of a clean, tidy bed to return to really can make the difference to your mindset for the day.

Tips for making a healthy & productive morning routine

So finding what works for you is key. Here are four tips on morning routines -

  • Sleep well - wake up with time to prepare calmly for your day
  • Eat - something nutritious and healthy
  • Connect - stretch your body and breathe some fresh air
  • Stretch/Mobilise - spend 2mins (the same amount of time as cleaning your teeth!) moving and stretching your body
  • Relax - before you leave the house, stop, sit and be still for one minute
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