Regular, guaranteed Sports Massage, for ongoing health


Great! You have decided to make taking care of your body a priority!

What’s next?


If you’re a regular client then your therapist will have recommended the best treatment and frequency for your needs.

Working with you, your therapist will tailor each session; maintenance to keep you pain free, treating new areas to increase benefits, as well as teaching you how to maximise those benefits yourself.

If you do get an injury, or if old symptoms reappear, you have an expert who know you well, ready to treat issues before they become a long-term problem


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Membership Benefits

  • Price Lock – No price increases, for the duration of your membership
  • Membership Hold – Going away? Put your membership on hold for up to 3 mths
  • Rollover – Busy? Roll over one treatment to the next month
  • Gift – Gift your massage to friends or family

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What are the options?

The 60 Minute Deal

Choose 1, 2 or 4 60min appts per month

60 Minute sessions are perfect for in-depth work with more massage time

Monthly Membership Rates

  • 1 Appt – £50/mth (normally £55)
  • 2 Appts – £100/mth (normally £110)
  • 4 Appts – £200/mth (normally £220)

The 30 Minute Deal

Choose 1 or 2 30min appts per month

30 Minute sessions are ideal for ‘top-up’ work and maintenance work

Monthly Membership Rates

  • 1 Appt – £25/mth (normally £30)
  • 2 Appts – £50/mth (normally £60)


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