Make your own mobility ball for under £3

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After having a niggly upper back injury I decided to have a look online at buying myself one of the nice mobility balls aka peanut balls.

They’re really good for getting in the larger erector spinae muscles that run either side of the spine, and you can do some really nice articulations of your spine over them that mimic when I’d mobilise them in clinic. Foam rollers are good but aren’t as precise and because of their diameter you get quite an aggressive arch in the upper back which can be a bit painful if you’re not supple enough.

I managed to find these examples and was more than a little outraged at the prices!!!

For a gift maybe, but the thought of spending up to £25 for one of these things??

I decided to just make my own. For £2.20..

And here’s how…

How to make your own mobility ball

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