How to structure a weeks running programme

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When it comes to running mileage is king.

Or that’s how is portrayed at least….

For any other sport, even a repetitive sport such as rowing, technique is paramount. You are drilled in the basic movement, slowly over and over in order to build in the correct movement pattern. Then you start to add speed so the movement becomes fluid, efficient and natural. And only at that point, are encouraged to add volume. Only when you can maintain form are more repetitions added.

Now consider the approach towards running. More precisely the mainstream approach for running 5K distances or above, or the weekend warrior wanting to chip a bit off their half marathon time. Slowly build up mileage, at least one long run per week, you need to get used to running longer distances etc. Now ask the same people to describe some running technique drills to you, or whether they incorporate speed or strength work into their programme?

Quality over quantity

Most of the running related injuries that I see in clinic are due to overuse injuries from increasing mileage too quickly rather than being patient and spending some time building form. No matter what the sport – quality movement over quantity – will result in lower injury rate and higher efficiency/speed.

So how should I structure my running training then?

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How to structure a week’s running programme

This is a basic template of how to structure a week’s running programme for general health fitness; running three times a week. The programme will vary depending on your goals, race schedule and other training, but any programme should incorporate technique drills, speed work and volume training.

Enjoy and don’t forget to include regular mobility work and sports massages too!

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