How to stretch your chest using a foam roller – Bilateral Chest Stretch

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Chest stretch using a foam roller - Combat office posture!'s Fay, our lovely intern - with a quick 2min tip to sort out that desk based posture you have!

A quick 2min chest stretch that you can perform daily to help stretch the pecs. Fay is recommending this stretch for office workers or anyone who spends a long time sitting.

Why perform a chest stretch?

For most patients we find that the chest muscles (pectoralis major & minor) are shortened, causing the shoulders to round, upper back to flex and increase pressure on the neck. You can use this Bilateral Chest Stretch to gently open the chest, then work more intensely as the muscles relax and lengthen. Stretching the chest daily can significantly counteract the negative effects on posture causing by sitting! And chances are you're reading this whilst sitting!!

So grab a roller and start stretching!!

How to stretch your chest using a foam roller

  1. Place the foam roller on the floor
  2. Lie on the roller, resting it along the length of your spine
  3. Make sure your head is supported, then allow your arms to drop back behind you
  4. Allow gravity to pull your arms back, stretching your chest!


Chest stretch - how to improve posture

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