How to stand correctly – Tadasana (Mountain pose)

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How to stand correctly?! Do you really need an article telling you how to stand??!

But hang on….bet at least once you’ve pulled out the phrase “Yea, thats because I have bad posture”, or something┬áremarkably┬ásimilar. Also, we spend a lot of time training, drilling in good technique for injury prevention and to increase performance right? But does our body ever really know when we’re ‘training’ vs ‘getting on with the rest of our lives’? No! To the body its all just stimulus, either reinforcing or creating movement patterns that help determine our underlying posture.

So maybe a little time training how to stand isn’t quite as wacky as it sounds?

How to stand – Tadasana

For this tutorial we’re going to turn to yoga as our example. They have it pinned down pretty well.

Tadasana – Mountain Pose

  • Stand with the bases of your big toes touching and heels slightly apart. Lift and spread your toes apart and allow them to rest softly on the floor. Rock back and forth and side to side, experiment with how this feels. Stand with your weight balanced evenly between your feet.
  • Tighten your quads, lifting the knee caps. Lift the inner ankles to raise the arches of your feet. Generate a line of activation from the arches of your feet, up the inner thighs, through the torso to the crown of your head. Drop your tailbone towards the floor allowing the pelvis to tilt backwards gently.
  • Lift your chest to the ceiling keeping your lower ribs relaxed. Allow your shoulder blades to sit low on your back. Widen your collarbones and let your arms hang relaxed by your sides.
  • Allow the crown of your head to sit over the centre of your pelvis, throat and face soft. Tongue relaxed and heavy in your mouth. Soften the eyes.
  • Stay in the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute, breathing easily.

Easy huh! Work through this video aiming to ‘feel’ which muscles are active and which are relaxed by the end of the tutorial. And don’t forget to enjoy the feeling of being aligned!!!




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