How to recover quickly from injury – never go into your overdraft

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Golden rule - Never go into your overdraft

Recovering from injury can be a frustrating process at the best of times, let alone when things seem to keep stalling or getting worse. I see this all the time with patients, they attend all their appointments, keep up with their Rehab & Recovery protocol but still we aren't seeing progress. So what's up?

They're simply not budgeting properly

This is a super simple analogy I use in clinic all the time:

Think of your body as having a bank balance. You're responsible for withdrawals and deposits, and its entirely your decision how you spend your daily balance. 

Injury is like a massive unexpected expense. At best you're left with a couple of hundred in the bank and at worst just a few pounds. If you go overdrawn that equals pain.

Your aim = always end the day with money left in the bank

This can earn you interest so tomorrow theres a little more to spend if you need it. Go overdrawn, you have to pay it back plus the interest - therefore slowing your recovery.

Now it's entirely up to you how you spend your money, you can keep an eye on your spending ensuring you only use your limited budget for things you really want/need/enjoy or end up overspending during the day and going overdrawn by the afternoon and being in pain.

It happens all the time - people not being aware of how they are spending their daily movement budgets. Wasting it on poor sitting positions at work, not saving their budget for the weekend away they had planned and wondering why they were in the pain the whole time.

There are certain tasks that will cause you pain that you simply can't avoid. These are like unavoidable direct debits. But plan for them. If you know you have to put your kid in the bath and it hurts your back, then make sure you asked for help earlier when you had to do lifting at work.

Healing is expensive

Particularly in the early days of recovery - never go overdrawn. Leave a little in the bank. Give your body the opportunity to start building up some savings for you.

How do you spend your daily movement budget?

Spend some time reflecting on how you spend your daily movement budget - are you spending it how you'd like? Be mindful of what types of movement are an expense for you. In our next post we'll talk about how you can make some deposits into your body's bank account and help increase your budget.

Want more help?

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