Hip Mobility for Runners: Free mobility programme

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Can you sit comfortably in this position??

  • Sit on the floor, place one leg in front of you with the shin completely straight (don’t tuck the foot towards you like when you sit crosslegged!)
  • Now place the other leg on top, with the foot fully resting on the other knee.
  • Compare by shifting the position of the legs so the other leg is on top.

Not that comfortable?!

You’ll either find you can’t get your knees down like in the photo, or there are big differences between the sides.

Why is hip mobility important?

Short, tight, overactive hip flexors are a common problem with a lot of our patients. The amount of time you spend sitting or driving means hours and hours of ‘training’ this position. If you can’t comfortably sit in the modified lotus position above then you have reduced hip mobility. If you’re at all interested in running, improve times, reducing injury rates or working on your technique then ALL of these are affected by poor hip mobility. Focussing on hip mobility for just 3 weeks will make a huge difference to your efforts elsewhere in your running programme. Most of the work we do in clinic initially is to increase a patient’s hip mobility back to a normal range of motion. Below is a sample programme we give patients in order to get their hips starting to move again!

Free hip mobility programme

**** For your free 3 week programme just click the link below **** For desktop users: https://www.headstartclinics.co.uk/physiotec/?remove_header=y&first=2072256&username=slitepit&password=acfrstvz For mobile users: https://www.physiotec.org/?do=patient&action=new_load&directAccess=yes&l=6816&username=slitepit&password=acfrstvz

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