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Melissa and Alex have just returned from cycling from Reschen, on the Austro-Italian border to Verona, Italy over 6 days. We are both keen cyclists in Cambridge and wanted a holiday that was more active than relaxing on a beach. We signed up for a Eurobike holiday in a group of mixed age and fitness. We were no strangers to Eurobike, having used them in previous years to cycle from Salzburg to Villach and down the Danube. The concept behind Eurobike is simple. You get yourself to a start location and they set you up with a bright red bike (a hybrid – similar to something you’d ride around on in Cambridge but much more comfy and considerably better maintained). The company also gives you an information pack, several maps and a briefing, and then you’re ready to go! Each day you cycle a set route to a new town or village. Eurobike have arranged all the hotel bookings, and they deliver your luggage to you so it is waiting in the lobby for when you arrive. The routes are clearly signposted and you are supplied with easily comprehensible maps. We started out this year in Reschen, which is metres from the Austro-Italian border, deep in the mountains. Although not hugely easy to reach (we came indirectly, flying to Munich and then stayed for a few days by Lake Constance), once there, it was well worth the journey. The view from our first hotel: The first morning brought typical Alpine weather – rain! That’s the risk you take with this sort of holiday – but it was not too cold and once we started cycling we barely noticed it. The route of the holiday that we had chosen meant that we had to cover between 50 to 70km each day to reach the next hotel, and as a group we rode at around 18-20kph on the flat. The first few days required us to drop around 1000m in altitude – which obviously led to competitions of who could go the fastest! One of the most impressive aspects of this tour was the quality of the cycle paths. We got excited by the guided busway coming to Cambridge – finding a cycle path that spanned hundreds of kilometres without a break led to discussions of whether we should return for training camps…or just move there. Overall, I think we’d both agree that the holiday was a big success. It was great fun to get the chance to stay in so many different places (and of course sample all their different breakfast buffets). The tour was excellently organised – if you had any problems, questions or mechanical issues (although in 3 years we have had none), the Eurobike people always seemed very willing to help. The bikes, despite not being the light road bikes we enjoy riding in Cambridge, were perfect for the terrain and very comfortable. If you are a group of already very keen cyclists, then this holiday probably is not for you. But if you want a holiday that accommodates for a mixed group (be that with children, or mixed fitness levels), that allows you to do a bit of exercise and be in the outdoors without being too strenuous, then we would highly recommend a Eurobike tour! More information can be found at  

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