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Struggling to get to sleep at night?

Check out this handout on Progressive Muscle Relaxation – perfect tool for helping to unwind!

Progressive Muscle Relaxation


What is Progressive Muscle Relaxation?

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is an exercise to teach you how to release physical tension and improve your body awareness.

It can be used to control pain, reduce anxiety or improve insomnia

How to perform Progressive Muscle Relaxation?

Systematically, working from your feet up, you tense and release the major muscle groups throughout the body.

We use similar techniques in clinic, such as PNF stretching or Muscle Energy Techniques.

However in this context, you are using the muscle contractions to try and learn the distinction between a tense and a fully relaxed muscle. If you are suffering with pain or chronic stress it is very common to not realise when you are holding physical tension throughout the day. With time, using this technique, you can learn to reduce physical tension and recognise when it is starting to build up.


20min Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation Video



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