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3rd treatment room now available for Sports Massage, Cambridge – in our Main Clinic on Castle Hill!


We’re soooo excited about this! We now have ANOTHER Sports Massage treatment room available at the clinic. And it’s even bigger than our other two!

In clinic see back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, work-related pain, you name it! We know that you have been having difficulty booking appts at peak times, so by introducing a 3rd treatment room we’re able to offer 50% more appt availability than before.

What to expect in a Sports Massage with us

As Sports Massage Therapists we use hands on massage and manual therapy in EVERY appt. But what makes us different from other Sports Massage Clinics is that the whole team is trained to look at the real cause of pain. We assess both your biomechanics AND your nervous system to determine which techniques we use.

Have you ever experienced pain even though you didn’t do anything to cause it? Or find that your symptoms get worse when you’re tired/stressed or least need it?!

THIS is what we consider when we’re putting together your treatment plan. ALL the causes behind your pain, and that’s why we excel with clients who have been everywhere else with no success.

Training our team

This 3rd treatment room is just for more Sports Massage appts – it also allows us to continue training and educating our team. We have 2 x 1hr training sessions for the team EACH week! And this is what we use this 3rd treatment room.

This in house training means that HeadStart Therapists access more training in one month than a lot of other therapists get in a one year.

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If you want to book a Sports Massage for pain, niggles or recovery with one of our kick ass team then head to our online booking system here! 

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Headstart Sports Injury and Performance Clinic is owned and run by experienced sports massage therapist Vicki Marsh. We are based in Cambridge, UK, and specialise in resolving complex injuries that are causing acute or chronic pain,affecting quality of life and sporting performance. Vicki has over 12 years experience delivering sports massage to rowers, runners, international athletes and Olympic medallists.

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