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What is Trigger Point Therapy?
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Trigger Point Massage What are Trigger Points? Trigger points are localised areas of tender, tight muscle (like knots!) that can cause muscle tension or referral pain. Pain can either be … Read More

Can Sports Massage help back pain?
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Massage for back pain?! What is Back Pain? Back pain is very common – typically it presents as lower back pain but can be pain anywhere along the spine. It … Read More

Can Sports Massage help Shoulder Pain?
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  Massage for shoulder pain?! What is Shoulder Pain? Shoulder pain is any type of pain around the shoulder. This can be the front, top, back or side of the … Read More

Can Sports Massage give pain relief from Sciatica?
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What is sciatica? Sciatica is tingling or pain that runs through the buttock, back of the leg and into the feet. You may have pain or tingling in all or … Read More

New Reception team at the clinic!!
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  Hurrah!! We have a new reception team at the clinic! The amazing team at Clinic Answer are helping us answer phone calls at the clinic. Which means you’ll finally … Read More

New Sports Massage Therapist! Claire joins the team!
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About Claire Claire is a graduate from the HeadStart Internship programme and completed her Level 3 Sports Massage training in 2016 and gained her Level 4 Sports Massage Qualification from … Read More

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