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Why does your back hurt in the morning?
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Probably one of the most common symptoms we see, back pain or stiffness in the morning But why can backs hurt first thing in the morning? And is it something … Read More

5 Common Mobility Mistakes
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In this Workshop we’re tackling one of the fundamental issues; 5 common mobility mistakes all athletes make. Mobilising is a crucial part of any training plan. So how come you … Read More

Should you get that cortisone injection?
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  A Cortisone injection has been commonly used to treat persistent/chronic pain – in particular with tendons in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee & ankle. I also got offered one … Read More

Troubleshooting Ripped Hands: What are they really telling you?
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  For many lifters, Crossfitters and athletes getting your first hand rip is rite of passage, a sign that you’ve joined the ranks of a ‘real athlete’. But what do … Read More

5 ways to prevent burnout when you’re already stressed, busy & tired
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I’m writing this post today because it’s been RIDICULOUSLY busy here at HeadStart HQ the past few weeks. Loads of exciting stuff, but day-to-day admin has fallen by the wayside … Read More

Stop blaming ‘Old Age’ for your aches & pains
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I’m just getting old Do you have any idea how often I hear this in clinic? It’s an excuse that many of you bring out to explain why you’re stiff … Read More

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