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Stop blaming ‘Old Age’ for your aches & pains
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    I’m just getting old Do you have any idea how often I hear this in clinic? It’s an excuse that many of you bring out to explain why … Read More

Why morning routines make or break your day
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I love slobbing about at home. No direction, no dead lines, no goal! However in my experience the mind follows the body. If I spend too much time just chilling … Read More

How to get your next PB with less training
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Whether you run, swim, lift, cycle or climb, physical fitness is only half the story. Which means it’s possible to hit your next PB with doing less, rather than more, … Read More

What is…..Hypermobility?
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Joint hypermobility means some or all of a person’s joints have an unusually large range of movement. We’ve all at some point come across someone who can hyper-extend their elbows, … Read More

How to get an MRI – The 3 ways to get an MRI
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Before we get to how you get an MRI, first lets go over what they and why you might want one in the first place! What is an MRI  MRI … Read More

How to stretch your chest using a foam roller – Bilateral Chest Stretch
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Chest stretch using a foam roller – Combat office posture! So…here’s Fay, our lovely intern – with a quick 2min tip to sort out that desk based posture you have! … Read More

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